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Our Story

The story of Seven Brothers is not really a story about burgers, but like most timeless stories, it is a love story. In truth, it started many years ago in 1976 as a story of two people. A young Samoan surfer and a beautiful California girl fell in love and married. It is their story; the story of our mom and dad which unfolded to become the story of us—7 brothers. It is a story of love, work, loyalty, and family—it is the story of life.

Our dad came from a large Samoan family of 14 children, all of whom he adored. So to him, it was obvious—he and Mom would also have a large family. Even though our mom grew up in a much smaller family, she too loved her siblings and parents, knowing she wanted children of her own. As fate took it's course, we came, us boys, one after another— first Spencer then Sterling, Seth, Shem, Seek, Max and finally Shez— boys, only boys, always boys, despite our parents' aching heart for a daughter. As you can imagine our house was a revoloving door of chaos, with lots of laughter, no privacy, friends funneling in at all hours, long talks about life, and constant rough-housing. It was a home overflowing with love and happiness, a refuge to friends and family. Our parents taught us to love God, love others, and love surfing. Loving food just came naturally to us. Our most treasured childhood memories were the days soaking in the sun on white sand beaches, and escaping to the deep blues of the ocean. While there, we learned to never quit, always share, and be grateful—not just for waves but for the beauty all around us. Salt in the air was more than a familiarity, it was home!

Despite facing the obvious realities of raising a large family, our parents dreamt that all of us boys could grow up to work and live life together in the surf. So, in 2009 on a whim, they bought a hole in the wall restaurant, in the small country town of Kahuku, Oahu. Seven Brothers was born. Immediately it became our second home, the place where we gathered to create delicious food to fill our bellies after surfing and talk about the magic of the day. A place where we have continued to live the story of our lives— of work, loyalty, and family, but mostly of love and happiness. Although we have grown from the original Seven Brothers, and as a family with our wives and children of our own, the dream is the same and so is the place. A place where you will always find us aiming to serve God and others first. A place where everyone is welcome. We want everyone to find not only the best food but the best feeling possible. A place where it’s not "just a meal, but a lifestyle.”

More Than A Meal