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The Waves Beyond Hawaii

It may be hard to believe, but there are actually waves, and the surfers who paddle out to meet them in the most amazing places...beyond the wonderful waves of Hawaii.

Almost every single one of the Hannemanns surf; from Art, the patriarch of the family to toddlers who go out with their parents in the keiki (kids) surf. This surfing lifestyle extends beyond the island that most of them call home. There is an urge to go on adventures to warm surf anywhere with the familiar sight of waves breaking in long lines off shore.

Several years ago, one of the seven ventured down to Nicaragua with his wife. They surfed their way south until they ended up in a small town at the southern tip of Costa Rica called Pavones.

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Pavones was not only a super cool little surf town but it had the longest left either of them had ever seen or surfed.

Image courtesy of Una Ola Surf Camp

So when the family began to develop designs for the Seven Brothers brand, he wanted a design that reminded him of one of the longest waves he had ever ridden. And the Ocean Waves design was born.