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The Creation of the Shem Burger

When we purchased our first restaurant (Kahuku Grill at the time), we had no idea how to run a restaurant business. The work flow, recipes, and feel all took time and hard work to figure out what we needed to do to have a well running machine.

And with a focus on always fresh, great tasting food, we came to the conclusion with the menu that less is more. We then discovered that people loved our original Seven Brothers Cheeseburger, so decided to use fresh, great tasting burgers as the foundation of our menu.

The Shem Burger was the brainchild of, yep, you guessed it - Shem, brother number 4 as he was looking to add something more to the cheeseburger.  But he didn't want the obvious more. He started with a guacamole that wasn't your traditional pasty guac. Instead of smashing the avocados until they were smooth, he stopped smashing at chunky. And from there, ingredient after ingredient came to him which resulted in a perfectly chunky, hint of spicy, and just enough salty GUACAMOLE. He then added 2 strips of crispy bacon and called it a day.

From those creative beginnings to this day, the Shem Burger rivals the PANIOLO as our most popular burger. 

      Shem enjoying his family and the ocean