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The Evolution of the 7 Bros Logo

When our parents bought our first family restaurant they originally kept the name, Kahuku Grill. But we soon changed it to Seven Brothers. And with a new name we needed a new logo. We originally wanted the logo to have all seven of us as a silhouette so that people would understand that it was a family business.



The color was a tricky one because the original colors of the business were blue and yellow lettering. As you can tell from some of our early efforts, tricky was an understatement!

Then, we thought, you know we want people to understand that it's still the same business - just a different name. But do we need to keep the same colors? Not to mention that being smack in the middle of the red and white Red Raider Nation meant that blue and yellow were not popular colors.

In the end we settled on the idea of simple design and clean lines. Less is more. No color, bold lettering, all caps and a symbol that represented our Samoan culture and our deep love of surfing. 

The silhouette managed to make it through to the semi-finals but in the end we stuck with a design as clean as a wave on a glassy day.

Would you like us to bring to life one of these early attempts at making our logo? Vote on your favorite retro logo! And MAYBE we'll put it on a shirt!

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